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Species name: Phialophoropsis ferruginea (L.R. Batra) T.C. Harrington
Misapplied names: Ambrosiella ferruginea (Mathiesen-Käärik) Batra ;Phialophoropsis ferruginea (L.R. Batra) T.C. Harrington
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: CBS 408.68, DSM 1500
History: D.M. Norris -> 1968, CBS -> 1969, MUCL
Collector: Norris D.M.
Isolator: Norris D.M.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium DYAA, PDA, 24C
Original substrate: mycangia, T. retusum female infesting Populus sp.
Origin: United States, Wisconsin
Habitat: in Populus sp.
Literature: Chase G. Mayers, Thomas C. Harringtona, Douglas L. Mcnewa, Richard A. Roeperb, Peter H. W. Biedermann, Hayato Masuyad, & Craig C. Bateman, Four mycangium types and four genera of ambrosia fungi suggest a complex history of fungus farming in the ambrosia beetle tribe Xyloterini, Mycologia, 2020


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