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Species name: Aspergillus proliferans G. Smith
Misapplied names: Aspergillus proliferans G. Smith
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: NCTC 6546, WB 1908, UC 4303, QM 7462, NRRL 1908, LSHB B-82, IMI 16105, CBS 528.65, CBS 121.45, ATCC 16922
Status: lectotype strain of Aspergillus proliferans G. Smith
History: ... -> NCTC -> 1945, CBS -> 1969, MUCL
Isolator: Smith G.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium CZA, 24C
Original substrate: cotton yarn
Origin: Europe, United Kingdom, Manchester
Literature: A.J. Chen, V. Hubka, J.C. Frisvad, C.M. Visagie, J. Houbraken, M. Meijer, J. Varga, R. Demirel, Z. Jurjevic, A.Kubatova, F. Sklenar, Y.G. Zhou, and R.A. Samson, Polyphasic taxonomy ofAspergillussectionAspergillus(formerlyEurotium), and its occurrence in indoor environments and food, Studies in Mycology, 88, 37-135, 2017

Thom C. and K.B. Raper, A Manual of the Aspergilli: 117, 1945

Smith G., Trans. Br. Mycol. Soc., 26:26, plate III, 1943


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