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Species name: Aspergillus proliferans G. Smith
Misapplied names: Aspergillus proliferans G. Smith
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 16922, CBS 121.45, CBS 528.65, IMI 16105, LSHB B-82, NRRL 1908, QM 7462, UC 4303, WB 1908, NCTC 6546
Status: lectotype strain of Aspergillus proliferans G. Smith
History: ... -> NCTC -> 1945, CBS -> 1969, MUCL
Isolator: Smith G.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium CZA, 24C
Original substrate: cotton yarn
Origin: Europe, United Kingdom, Manchester
Literature: Smith G., Trans. Br. Mycol. Soc., 26:26, plate III, 1943

Thom C. and K.B. Raper, A Manual of the Aspergilli: 117, 1945

A.J. Chen, V. Hubka, J.C. Frisvad, C.M. Visagie, J. Houbraken, M. Meijer, J. Varga, R. Demirel, Z. Jurjevic, A.Kubatova, F. Sklenar, Y.G. Zhou, and R.A. Samson, Polyphasic taxonomy ofAspergillussectionAspergillus(formerlyEurotium), and its occurrence in indoor environments and food, Studies in Mycology, 88, 37-135, 2017


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