MUCL strain details

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Strain number: MUCL 19006   Add to cart
Species name: Aspergillus flavus Link : Fries
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: CECT 2949, DSM 1959, Harvard 997, IFO 6343, IMI 091856ii, IMI 091856iii, IMI 91856, NRRL A-3537, NRRL A-5244, QM 380, RIB 1403, VTT D-77059, AMP 3, ATCC 9643, CBS 131.61
History: W.H. Weston -> ATCC -> 1972, MUCL
Isolator: Weston W.H.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MYA2, PDA, 20C
Original substrate: shoe sole
Origin: Africa, Papua New Guinea
Test: fungus resistance testing of adhesives, airborne equipment, aircraft transmissions, automotive components, cork, electrical insulation, laminated paper, packing materials, varnish and other materials, testing of fungicides on lumber, assays of wood preser
Applications: production of blasticidin S deaminase
Enzyme production:
Literature: Forest Prod. J., 29: 39-42, 1979

J. Antibiot., 28: 7-14, 1975


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