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Species name: Aspergillus amoenus M. Roberg
Misapplied names: Aspergillus versicolor (Vuillemin) Tiraboschi
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 11730, ATCC 16020, CBS 245.65, CECT 2814, CECT 2890, DSM 1943, DSM 63301, IFO 30338, IMI 045554ii, IMI 045554iii, IMI 045554iv, QM 432, IMI 45554, MIT 1c, OECD 15
History: ... -> MIT lc.-> QM -> ATCC -> 1972, MUCL
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MYA2, 20C
Original substrate: cellophane
Origin: Asia, India
Test: fungus resistance testing of adhesive films and airborn equipment, automotive components and other materials, electrical and electronic equipment, testing of environment and plastics
Literature: Jurjevic Z., Peterson S.W. & Horn B.W., IMA Fungus, 3 (1), 59-79, 2012


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