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Species name: Penicillium commune Thom
Synonym names: Penicillium aurantiogriseum var. poznaniense Zaleski
Penicillium australicum Sopp ex van Beyma
Penicillium cyclopium var. album G. Smith
Penicillium flavoglaucum Biourge
Penicillium fuscoglaucum Biourge
Penicillium lanosocoeruleum Thom
Penicillium lanosogriseum Thom
Penicillium ochraceum var. macrosporum Thom
Penicillium palitans Westling
Penicillium psittacinum Thom
Penicillium roquefortii var. punctatum Abe
Penicillium verrucosum var. album (G. Smith) Samson et al.
Misapplied names: Penicillium viridicatum Westling
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: Thom 4733.12, NRRL 932, MUCL 29172, MUCL 28653, IMI 192904, IFO 5757, FRR 932, CBS 265.29, CBS 254.31, Biourge 144, ATCC 10116
Status: Type of Penicillium psittacinum Thom
History: P. Biourge (as Penicillium aureum Corda) -> 1924, C. Thom (as Penicillium psittacinum Thom) -> 1940, NRRL -> FRR (as Penicillium viridicatum Westling) -> 1980, MUCL
Collector: Biourge P.
Isolator: Biourge P.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MYA2, 20C
Original substrate: air
Applications: production of cyclopiazonic acid
Literature: Thom C., The Penicillia: 369, 1930

Pitt J.I., The Genus of Penicillium: 339, 1979


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