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Last data update: 23 July 2021 09:43 CEST  

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Species name: Saturnispora zaruensis (Nakase & Komagata) Z.W. Liu & Kurtzman
Synonym names: Pichia zaruensis Nakase & Komagata
Alternate state names: Candida agrestis Goto & Oguri
Organism type: Yeast
Other collections' numbers: RIFY 4611, JCM 2321, IFO 10103, CCRC 22607, CBS 8055, ATCC 52818
Status: Type of Candida agrestis Goto & Oguri
History: ... -> H. Oguri -> S. Goto (611) -> CBS -> 1988, MUCL
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MYA2, 20C
Original substrate: wild grape
Origin: Asia, Japan, Yamanashi Pref.


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