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Strain number: MUCL 30417   Add to cart
Species name: Filobasidium uniguttulatum Kwon-Chung
Alternate state names: Cryptococcus uniguttulatus (Zach) Phaff & Fell

        Alternate state synonyms:

                Eutorulopsis uniguttulata Zach
Organism type: Yeast
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 24227, CBS 1730, DBVPG 6013, DBVPG 6129, IFO 699, JCM 3685, NRRL Y-1623, UCD 68-243, VKM Y-1597
Status: Type of Eutorulopsis uniguttulata Zach
History: ... F. Zach (as Eutorulopsis uniguttulata Zach) -> CBS -> 1980, MUCL
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MYA2, 20C
Original substrate: nail
Origin: Europe, Austria
Sexual state: MT a


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