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Species name: Wickerhamomyces chambardii (C. Ramírez & Boidin) Kurtzman, Robnett & Basehoar-Powers
Synonym names: Pichia chambardii (C. Ramírez & Boidin) Phaff
Saccharomyces chambardi C. Ramírez & Boidin
Organism type: Yeast
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 24238, CBS 1900, CCRC 21578, FMJ 9068, IFO 1274, JCM 3641, NRRL Y-2378, UCD 56-6
Status: Type of Saccharomyces chambardi C. Ramírez & Boidin
History: J. Boidin (as Saccharomyces chambardi C. Ramírez & Boidin) -> UCD -> CCRC -> 1991, MUCL
Isolator: Boidin J.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MYA2, DYPA, 25C
Original substrate: tanning liquor
Origin: Europe, France
Literature: Ramírez C. and J. Boidin, Bull. Mens. Soc. Linn. , Lyon, 23: 151-152, 1954


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