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Species name: Pachysolen tannophilus Boidin & Adzet
Organism type: Yeast
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 32691, CBS 4044, CCRC 20329, DBVPG 6666, IMI 344640, NCYC 614, NRRL Y-2460, MUCL 27787
Status: Type of Pachysolen tannophilus Boidin & Adzet
History: ... -> J.M. Adzet -> IRIC (145) -> CBS -> 1992, MUCL
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MYA2, DYPA, 25C
Original substrate: tannin
Origin: Europe, France
Applications: production of ethanol from D-xylose, ethanol from D-galactose and glycerol and ethanol, NADPH-linked D-xylose reductase and NAD-linked xylitol dehydrogenase, xylitol dehydrogenase, alcohol dehydrogenase and xylitol dehydrogenase, aldose reductase and xylitol dehydrogenase, conversion of wheat straw cellulose, hemicellulose to ethanol and D-xylose to ethanol
Literature: Boidin J. and J.M. Adzet, Bull, Soc. Mycol. France, 73 : 331-342, 1957


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