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Species name: Phanerochaete tamariciphila Boidin et al.
Synonym names: Peniophora cremea var. tamaricis Bourdot & Galzin
Phanerochaete jose-ferreirae var. tamaricis (Reid) Reid
Misapplied names: Phanerochaete tamariciphila Boidin et al.
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: LY 11773-PS
Status: Paratype of Phanerochaete tamariciphila Boidin et al.
History: P. Lanquetin -> J. Boidin -> 1991, MUCL
Collector: Boidin J.
Isolator: Lanquetin P.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MA2, 20C
Original substrate: wood
Origin: Europe, France, Pays de la Loire, Vendée, Bouin
Literature: Boidin J., Lanquetin P. and Gilles G. (1993) Contribution à la connaissance des Phanerochaetoideae de France (Basidiomycotina). Crypt. Mycol. 14, 195-206


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