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Species name: Neosartorya primula Udagawa et al.
Alternate state names: Aspergillus primulinus Udagawa et al.
Organism type: Filamentous
Status: Holotype of Neosartorya primula Udagawa et al.
History: S. Udagawa et al. -> 1993, MUCL
Isolator: Udagawa S.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MA2, 20C
Origin: Asia, Japan, Okinawa-Pref
Habitat: canned oolong tea beverage
Literature: Udagawa, S. Toyazaki, N. and Tsubouchi, H. Apr-Jun 1993. Neosartorya primulina, a new species of food borne ascomycetes. Mycotaxon 47: 359-366


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