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Species name: Penicillium glabrum (Wehmer) Westling
Synonym names: Penicillium aurantiobrunneum Dierckx
Penicillium candidofulvum Dierckx
Penicillium flavidorsum Biourge
Penicillium frequentans Westling
Penicillium janthocitrinum Biourge
Penicillium oledzkii Zaleski
Penicillium paczoskii Zaleski
Penicillium pfefferianum (Wehmer) Westling
Penicillium terlikowskii Zaleski
Organism type: Filamentous
History: J. Giard -> 1994, MUCL
Collector: Giard J.
Isolator: Giard J.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MYA2, 20C
Origin: Europe, Belgium, Wallonie, Brabant wallon, Genval
Habitat: factory
Literature: Houbraken J., Visagie C.M., Meijer M., Frisvad J.C., Busby P.E., Pitt J.I., Seifert K.A., Louis-Seize G., Demirel R., Yilmaz N., Jacobs K., Christensen M., Samson R.A., A taxonomic and phylogenetic revision of Penicillium section Aspergilloides, Studies in Mycology, 78, 373-451, 2014
[DOI: 10.1016/j.simyco.2014.09.002]


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