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Species name: Pseudosigmoidea excentrica (R.F. Castañeda et al.) Crous, M. Shen & Y. Zhang
Misapplied names: Scolecobasidium excentricum Castañeda et al.
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: INIFAT C94/202, MUCL 40060, CBS 469.95
Status: holotype strain of Scolecobasidium excentricum Castañeda et al.
History: R.F. Castañeda -> 1995, MUCL
Collector: Castañeda Ruiz R.F., INIFAT
Isolator: Castañeda Ruiz R.F., INIFAT
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MA2, 20C
Original substrate: rotten leaf
Origin: America, Cuba, Pinar del Rio, Soroa
Literature: M. Shen, J.Q. Zhang, L.L. Zhao, J.Z. Groenewald, P.W. Crous, Y. Zhang, Venturiales, Studies in Mycology, in press, 2020


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