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Species name: Pichia manshurica Saito
Synonym names: Pichia galeiformis A. Endo & Goto
Pichia mandshurica Saito
Pichia membranaefaciens E.C. Hansen var. mandshurica (Saito) K. Kodama, Kyono & S. Kodama
Pichia silvestris Phaff & E.P. Knapp
Pseudohansenula indica (Bahadur) Novak & Zsolt
Zygopichia chevalieri (Guilliermond) Klöcker
Zygosaccharomyces chevalieri (Guilliermond) Klöcker var. fermentati Saito
Zygosaccharomyces chevalieri Guilliermond
Misapplied names: Pichia manshurica Saito;Pichia membranifaciens (E.C. Hansen) E.C. Hansen var. membranifaciens
Organism type: Yeast
Other collections' numbers: VKM Y-298, IFO 10726, CBS 209
Status: Authentic of Pichia manshurica Saito
History: K. Saito -> 1916, CBS -> 2007, MUCL
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium DYPA, 25C
Original substrate: fermented sorghum
Origin: Asia, Manchuria
Applications: production of alcoholic drinks
Literature: Lodder J. and N.J.W. Kreger-van Rij, The Yeasts, A Taxonomic Study North-Holland Publ. Co. Amsterdam, 1952

Mikata K & Ueda-Nishimura K, Antonie van Leeuvenhoek, 77, 159-171, 2000


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