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Species name: Hypoxylon rubiginosum (Persoon : Fries) Fries
Synonym names: Sphaeria rubiginosa Persoon
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: STMA 09159, MB 213808
History: 2009, N. Amelang -> 2009, M. Stadler (MB213808) -> 2010, MUCL
Collector: Amelang N.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium MA2, 25C
Original substrate: corticated wood
Origin: Europe, Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommen, NSG Hinrichshagen
Literature: Kuhnert E., Surup F., Sir. E.B., Lambert C., Hyde K.D., Hladki A.I., Romero A.I., Stadler M., Lenormandins A-G, new azaphilones from Hypoxylon lenormandii and Hypoxylon jaklitschii sp. nov., recognised by chemotaxonomic data, Fungal Diversity, 2014 (in press)
[DOI: 10.1007/s13225-014-0318-1]

Kuhnert E., Fournier J., Peršoh D., Divinagracia Luangsa-ard J., Stadler M., New Hypoxylon species from Martinique and new evidence on the molecular phylogeny of Hypoxylon based on iTS rDNA and ß-tubulin data., Fungal Diversity, 64, 181-203, 2014
[DOI: 10.1007/s13225-013-0264-3]


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