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Species name: Lecanicillium longisporum (Petch) Zare & W. Gams
Synonym names: Cephalosporium dipterigenum Petch
Cephalosporium longisporum Petch
Misapplied names: Verticillium lecanii (Zimmermann) Viégas;Lecanicillium longisporum (Petch) Zare & W. Gams
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: CBS 126.27, IMI 21167, NCTC 1862, ATCC 46578
Status: Type of Cephalosporium longisporum Petch
History: 1924, T. Petch (as Cephalosporium longisporum Petch) -> 1924, NCTC -> 1927, CBS -> 1967, MUCL
Collector: Petch T.
Isolator: Petch T.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium DYAA, 20C
Origin: Asia, Sri Lanka, Ragalla
Habitat: on Acacia decurrens
Literature: Zare R. and Gams W., Nova Hedwigia, 73, 1-50, 2001

Zare R. & Gams W., Mycological Research, 112, 811-824, 2008


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