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Last data update: 26 January 2021 04:28 CET  

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Species name: Rhinocladiella compacta (Carrión) ex de Hoog
Synonym names: Hormodendrum compactum Carrión
Phialophora compacta (Carrión) Redaelli & Ciferri
Misapplied names: Rhinocladiella compacta Carrión ex de Hoog
Organism type: Filamentous
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 10222, CBS 285.47, CDC 24, CMBA 1340.14, IHEM 4441, IMI 134454, IOC 1982, LCF 1340, NCMH 10, NCPF 2444, NYBG W139, QM 260, RV 35006, UAMH 3968
Status: Type of Hormodendrum compactum Carrión
History: A.L. Carrión -> C.W. Emmons (8605) -> P. Negroni -> 1947, CBS (as Phialophora compacta (Carrión) Binford et al.) -> 1968, MUCL
Collector: Carrión A.L.
Isolator: Carrión A.L.
Conditions for growth: MUCL medium CMA, 20C
Origin: Europe, Norway


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