Lentiviral inducible Gateway vectors

These versatile lentiviral Gateway Destination vectors with broad applicability in multiple research areas were developed by De Groote et al., 2016 (PMID: 27177818).

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Plasmid name Accession number
pDG1i-eGFP-V5 blast LMBP 7941
pDG1i-HA blast LMBP 9593
pDG1i-tdTomato-V5 blast LMBP 7942
pDG1i-V5 blast LMBP 9591
pDG1i-VSV blast LMBP 9592
pDG2i-eGFP-V5 puro LMBP 7947
pDG2i-Flag puro LMBP 7944
pDG2i-HA puro LMBP 7943
pDG2i-tdTomato-V5 puro LMBP 7945
pDG2i-V5 puro LMBP 7946
pDG2i-VSV puro LMBP 9594
pLenti6-eGFP-V5 blast LMBP 8403
pLenti6-eGFP-V5 puro LMBP 8402
pLenti6-Flag blast LMBP 9163
pLenti6-Flag puro LMBP 9166
pLenti6-HA blast LMBP 9164
pLenti6-HA puro LMBP 9167
pLenti6-tdTomato-V5 blast LMBP 8401
pLenti6-tdTomato-V5 puro LMBP 8400
pLenti6-V5 puro LMBP 9590
pLenti6-VSV blast LMBP 9162
pLenti6-VSV puro LMBP 9165