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Last data update: 12 April 2021 09:57 CEST

Cyanobacteria (BCCM/ULC) taxons


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Taxonomic nameNbr of strains available in catalogue
Anabaena cf. oscillarioides1 strains
Anabaena sp.1 strains
Aphanizomenon sp.1 strains
Arthrospira platensis2 strains
Calothrix sp.4 strains
Chroococcidiopsis sp.3 strains
Chroococcus sp.1 strains
Cyanobium sp.18 strains
Dolichospermum sp.1 strains
Geitlerinema amphibium1 strains
Geitlerinema cf. ionicum3 strains
Geitlerinema cf. tenue1 strains
Geitlerinema nematodes2 strains
Geitlerinema sp.5 strains
Hassalia andreassenii2 strains
Heteroleibleinia purpurascens1 strains
Leptolyngbya cf. antarctica4 strains
Leptolyngbya cf. foveolarum2 strains
Leptolyngbya cf. fragilis1 strains
Leptolyngbya ectocarpi1 strains
Leptolyngbya frigida1 strains
Leptolyngbya glacialis1 strains
Leptolyngbya gracilis1 strains
Leptolyngbya sp.15 strains
Microcoleus attenuatus2 strains
Microcoleus favosus5 strains
Microcoleus sp.6 strains
Microcoleus vaginatus2 strains
Myxacorys almedinensis1 strains
Myxosarcina sp.1 strains
Nodularia spumigena2 strains
Nostoc sp.24 strains
Oscillatoria sp.7 strains
Pegethrix frigida1 strains
Pegethrix sp.2 strains
Phormidesmis priestleyi7 strains
Phormidium ambiguum1 strains
Phormidium autumnale9 strains
Phormidium favosum1 strains
Phormidium insigne1 strains
Phormidium lumbricale2 strains
Phormidium murrayi1 strains
Phormidium papyraceum2 strains
Phormidium priestleyi9 strains
Phormidium pseudopriestleyi5 strains
Phormidium sp.3 strains
Phormidium terebriforme3 strains
Planktothrix sp.1 strains
Plectolyngbya hodgsonii4 strains
Pseudanabaena frigida4 strains
Pseudanabaena lonchoides1 strains
Pseudanabaena papillaterminata1 strains
Pseudanabaena persicina1 strains
Pseudanabaena sp.9 strains
Pseudophormidium sp.1 strains
Shackletoniella antarctica6 strains
Snowella sp.1 strains
Stenomitos sp.5 strains
Thermoleptolyngbya albertanoae1 strains
Timaviella sp.1 strains
Wilmottia murrayi5 strains
TOTAL: 211