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Last data update: 24 January 2024 16:40 CET

Species name: Cyanobium sp. O-154


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21 strain(s) found in the BCCM/ULC catalogue

ULC Accession numberOrganism typeOther collection numbersOrigin
ULC 0065Cyanobacteria-North America, Canada, Arctic, Bylot Island
ULC 0081Cyanobacteria-Antarctica, Antarctica, Livingston Island, South Shetland islands, Limnopolar Lake
ULC 0082Cyanobacteria-Antarctica, Antarctica, Livingston Island, South Shetland islands, Chester Cone
ULC 0084Cyanobacteria-Antarctica, Antarctica, Livingston Island, South Shetland islands, Laguna Chica
ULC 0182Cyanobacteria-Europe, Belgium, Flanders, Lummen
ULC 0185Cyanobacteria-Europe, Belgium, Brussels, Ixelles
ULC 0188Cyanobacteria-Europe, Belgium, Wallonia, Silenrieux (Eau d'Heure)
ULC 0189Cyanobacteria-Europe, Belgium, Brussels, Ixelles
ULC 0190Cyanobacteria-Europe, Belgium, Ixelles
ULC 0191Cyanobacteria-Europe, Russian Federation, Buryat Republic
ULC 0200Cyanobacteria-Europe, Belgium, Brussels, Ixelles
ULC 0411Cyanobacteria--
ULC 0468Cyanobacteria-Europe, Baltic sea, Bornholm Sea
ULC 0469Cyanobacteria-Europe, Baltic sea
ULC 0470Cyanobacteria-Europe, Baltic sea
ULC 0471Cyanobacteria-Europe, Baltic sea, Bornholm Sea
ULC 0472Cyanobacteria-Europe, Baltic sea
ULC 0473Cyanobacteria-Europe, Baltic sea
ULC 0483Cyanobacteria-Asia, Iran, Latyan dam
ULC 0637Cyanobacteria-Europe, Belgium, Raeren, Li├Ęge, Schnellenwind 12, Eynatten
ULC 0639Cyanobacteria-Europe, Belgium, Bambois, Namur, Lac de Bambois