Safe deposit of agro-food & environmental fungi at BCCM/MUCL

Administrative requirements

In order to make a safe deposit, a contract needs to be signed by both parties. This contract includes all relevant scientific information about the fungal strains.

Please complete and sign the contract and provide it in duplicate to BCCM/MUCL.



Phone: +32-10-47.37.42

Croix du Sud 2, box L7.05.06
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Contract Prices

Technical requirements

Filamentous fungi, yeasts

Please send:

  • 3 freeze-dried ampoules of the same batch;
  • 3 active cultures;
  • 3 cryopreserved ampoules of the same batch.


Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Please send:

  • 2 in vitro (monoxenic) cultures of the same batch

If this is not possible,  send an "inoculum" containing propagules (i.e. spores and/or mycorrhizal root fragments) from an in vitro culture or from a trap plant, or a trap plant culture containing spores. It is mandatory that the "inoculum" is derived from a single monosporal culture. However, a mixture of propagules from more than one culture may also be accepted if the material is derived from the same mother monosporal culture.


Contract termination

To end an existing contract, please fill in the termination form and provide it to BCCM/MUCL.