DNA sequencing at BCCM/IHEM

DNA sequencing is considered as the gold-standard method to identify fungal strains at species level. An unknown strain is identified by comparing its DNA sequence to the sequences of strains of known taxonomic identity available in public databases.

At BCCM/IHEM, sequencing of the Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) is performed as default given that this gene is the most informative. It allows the identification to genus or species level, depending on the species. Within some fungal groups, an accurate identification requires the sequencing of one or several additional gene(s) such as calmodulin, transcription/elongation factor, beta-tubulin, large rDNA subunit or small rDNA subunit.

The cost (see price list) of the DNA sequence based identification includes DNA extraction, PCR amplification, purification and sequencing.