Microbial bioassays at BCCM/LMG

A microbial bioassay is a testing procedure in which the biological activity of a substance or product to stimulate or inhibit growth of a microbial test organism is estimated. In contrast to common physical or chemical methods, a microbial bioassay results in detailed information on the true activity of a substance. Over the last decade, this type of assays has become increasingly important for quality control and product development.

BCCM/LMG offers microbial bioassay tests as a customer service. For this purpose, BCCM/LMG harbors a valuable collection of internationally used test and control strains. We develop customized procedures based on the broth microdilution method in which the concentration of test strain and test substance, exposure time, temperature, etc. can be varied according to the customer’s demand. Except requested otherwise, all tests are routinely performed in triplicate.

The service report includes a detailed description of the methods used and a presentation of test results (e.g. % bacterial survival, log reduction, etc.) in table format.