BCCM celebrates the go-live of a common 'Laboratory Information Management System' (LIMS)

Some time ago, BCCM decided to switch to a common IT- platform to support and centralize the daily internal operations of the different entities belonging to the BCCM consortium.
Siemens was selected as the partner for the implementation.
Unilab LIMS integrates both the administrative data (client database, customer orders, stock, delivery notes, ...) and the scientific data (strain information, performed analyses,...) and supports the ISO 9001 quality system.
A team of representatives of the different entities worked very hard to customize the system according to the needs of BCCM.
We are proud to announce that the system is now officially live!!!
This implementation, facilitating the internal management of the biological material and related information will also be at the benefit of all users and will help us to continuously improve our services!


BCCM celebrates the go-live of a common Laboratory Information Management System LIMS

Date of publication: 
Monday, June 22, 2015