Historic in vivo cloning collection of Prof. Max Mergeay (SCK.CEN) now available at BCCM/LMBP!

This collection from the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK.CEN) provides historical reference plasmids for various incompatibility families. The collection also includes a set of bacterial host strains meant for cloning and in vitro packaging of and/or working with phages. Several strains and plasmids host the prophage Mu3A (mini-Mu; Faelen et al., 1979, PMID: 158471; Van Gijsegem et al., 1985, PMID: 16453607), a very active transposable element  allowing for more efficient in vivo cloning of larger DNA fragments in various Proteobacteria.


Date of publication: 
Monday, March 17, 2014