Human ORFeome v8.1 - find your gene in a Gateway Entry vector at LMBP

The hORFv8.1 library consists of a sequence-verified, clonal collection of human Open Reading Frames (ORFs), presented as individual Gateway Entry vectors (backbone: pDONR223). 

The new BCCM/LMBP search engine makes the quest for your gene of interest easy, with a database containing, among others, all names and symbols ever assigned to it.

All clones come without a termination codon, allowing the addition of C-terminal tags or markers.

To get your experiments started even faster, BCCM/LMBP also offers a range of compatible Gateway Destination vectors with various markers.

Find your favorite human gene and compatible destination vector in the BCCM/LMBP ORFeome v8.1 entry plasmids catalogue.



Date of publication: 
Monday, January 12, 2015