LMBP depositor Nico Callewaert (VIB-UGent) in Top 20 Translational Researchers

Only 2 Europeans receive this distinction

Gent, September 1, 2013 - Converting scientific discoveries and insights into new applications - the so-called translational research - is a challenge. Nico Callewaert (VIB/UGent) is the only Belgian in the 'Top 20 translational researchers'. He was selected partly due to his research into converting cells into medicine factories. The top 20 was selected on the basis of interest from the bio sector in scientific publications on the one hand and on the other hand on patents obtained in Europe and the USA. The list, published by the Bio-entrepreneur information site of the leading journal Nature Biotechnology, is dominated by American scientists. VIB and MRC (Medical Research Council, UK) are the two European research institutes on this list. 
For VIB, this is recognition of their technology transfer policy, with which the institute creates a social benefit from scientific fundamental research.

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Date of publication: 
Wednesday, October 2, 2013