New at BCCM/LMG: freeze-drying bacteria in glass vials on request

.BCCM/LMG freeze-drying bacteria in glass vials on request

For applications where a high titer of viable cells is required, such as inocula for bioreactors or supplementation of food or feed matrices, BCCM/LMG offers freeze-drying of bacterial cultures in different volumes (up to 20 ml) in glass vials on request

The bacterial suspension is freeze-dried in a glass vial through a controlled process. After the last drying phase of the freeze-drying process, the vial is stoppered under vacuum (<0,1 mbar) with a butyl septum and sealed with an aluminium crimp cap.

To rehydrate the freeze-dried cells, you can either pierce the septum with a needle (remove a small part of the crimp cap first) and inject
the rehydration solution, or you can remove the septum cap from the vial
(remove the full crimp cap first) and add the rehydration solution with a pipette.

Bacterial cultures freeze-dried in this way have a shelf life of maximum 2 years, stored at 4 °C.

BCCM/LMG currently offers 4 freeze-drying volumes: 200 µl, 1 ml, 2 ml and 20 ml.

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Date of publication: 
Monday, May 18, 2015