New fungal genomes published in the frame of GCM2.0 project

The genome sequence of 5 BCCM/IHEM fungi strains has been published on GenBank, in the frame of the Global Catalogue of Microorganisms 2.0 project.

This GCM2.0 project aims to sequence type strains, and close the gap in the genomic maps of microorganisms. 

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Species IHEM number GenBank number
Aspergillus floridensis IHEM 21069 WOUI00000000
Aspergillus welwitschiae IHEM 2864 WOFP00000000
Trichophyton kuryangei IHEM 26527 WOFS00000000
Trichophyton yaoundei IHEM 4711 WOFR00000000
Xenoacremonium recifei IHEM 4405 WOFQ00000000


Date of publication: 
Monday, April 27, 2020