Novel bicistronic cloning vector set based on P2A peptide

When expressing more than one gene in a cell line, often bicistronic expression vectors with an internal ribosomal entry site (IRES) are used. Instead of these large IRES sequences, a much shorter, self-cleaving 2A peptide (P2A) can be used. The efficient cleaving activity of this peptide was described in Kim et al. (2011; PMID: 21602908).

To make the advantages of the P2A peptide available for all scientists, BCCM/LMBP is proud to announce the bicistronic pEF6-P2A cloning vector.

Based on pEF6-P2A, a set of cloning vectors containing various eukaryotic selectable markers was created, each with its selectable marker linked to the P2A peptide. By expressing this marker in-frame with your protein of interest, any surviving cells are guaranteed to express your gene of interest.

Find a suitable vector for your experiments in this overview of P2A vectors available at BCCM/LMBP.


Date of publication: 
Thursday, March 5, 2015