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Important milestone reached: more than 100.000 biological materials available at BCCM!

Important milestone reached: more than 100.000 biological materials available at BCCM!

  The BCCM consortium has exceeded the milestone of having more than 100.000 different biological materials. These well-documented and authenticated strains of bacteria (including mycobacteria and cyanobacteria), filamentous and yeasts fungi, diatoms and plasmids are publicly available and readily deliverable by BCCM on a world-wide basis. The BCCM on-line catalogues allow searching the biological material you require based on several search criteria (species name, accession number, depositor, biological or geographical origin, properties ...). In addition, the collections' staff members are willing to provide assistance for the choice of strains that best fit with the purpose of your projects.

BCCM/IHEM "arrayed sets": a new way to order fungal strains

Novel inducible lentiviral Gateway Destination vector platform available at BCCM/GeneCorner

Are BCCM/ULC cyanobacteria bioactive against BCCM/IHEM fungi?

Arrayed sets consist of multi-well plates containing special beads coated with fungal propagules. They gather numerous different species in a single handy format while permitting the order of a large amount of strains at an advantageous price.

A new versatile set of 22 lentiviral Gateway Destination vectors with broad applicability in multiple research areas was developed by De Groote et al., 2016 (PMID: 27177818), and is now available via the BCCM/GeneCorner Plasmid Collection.

Partners of the BCCM consortium naturally collaborated to investigate the potential antimicrobial capabilities of cyanobacteria. The extracts were tested on different fungal pathogens. A first screening identifed a fraction that inhibited the growth of both yeasts and moulds.


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