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BCCM training on preservation

BCCM training on preservation

The preservation of biological material is of primary interest for research but also for industrial applications. It is the mission of the BCCM consortium not only to preserve, but also to offer quality controlled, characterised and documented biological material. The BCCM consortium presents to you its first training, focusing on preservation of micro-organisms, management of a culture collection and new developments in gene and plasmid technology.

Biological Resource Centres in support of Intellectual Property Protection

BCCM/IHEM: a partner in veterinary mycology

The Search for New Antibiotics from Tropical Fungi

New bio-industrial processes often make use of microbial and genetic resources to produce biochemicals, biomedicines, etc. To ensure cost recovery for the involved R&I investments, innovating organisations seek Intellectual Property Protection for these new processes.

BCCM/IHEM preserves fungal strains of biomedical interest and gathers also pathogens of animal diseases. The collection maintains about 1000 veterinary strains that are publicly available. They were isolated from various hosts or their environment and represent about 200 different species.

The project aims at isolating antimicrobial secondary metabolites from endophytes and macromycetes which can form lead compounds for antibiotic production and also train young scientists in the field of biodiversity and drug research.

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