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BCCM at the 14th International Conference of Culture Collections - ICCC-14

BCCM at the 14th International Conference of Culture Collections - ICCC-14

Anticipating the end of his presidency, Philippe Desmeth succeeded to establish a permanent secretariat for WFCC at the Belgian Science Policy (Belspo). After approval by the Belgian State Secretary for Science Policy a small dedicated WFCC secretariat is now running at the BCCM coordination cell. For the first time in its existence, a permanent secretariat supports the activities of WFCC.

Multidrug ABC transporter mutants at BCCM/MUCL

Antifungal susceptibility testing at BCCM/IHEM

"MICROMETABOLITE" - a Research Training Network

A series of 52 deletion mutant strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with increased sensitivity to numerous toxic compounds, including antifungals used in agriculture and medicine is available from BCCM/MUCL. These strains result from the systematic knockout analysis of multidrug efflux genes.

The antifungal resistance of clinical strains is routinely tested by clinical and reference laboratories using broth microdilutions or commercial tests. Professionals that want to analyse non-clinical strains (from research, industry, veterinary settings, etc.) can find a certified partner in BCCM/IHEM.

MICROMETABOLITE aims at exploring the plant-associated microflora for improving the production of bioactive secondary plant metabolites of high value for industrial applications. The network will focus on members of the Boraginaceae plant family, which produce the naphtoquinones shikonin and alkannin derivatives (A/S).

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