BCCM/DCG Diatoms Collection price list

How to order from BCCM/DCG Prices (EUR) excl. VAT
Non-Profit Profit

Supply samples from public collection


Microalgae strain

82,00 151,00

Public deposit


Deposit of strain in the public collection

No charges No charges

Safe deposit




Viability, authenticity and purity check, preservation and the first year of safe-keeping



Annual maintenance fee, including a yearly viability report and supply of a subculture

121,00 121,00

Supply of a subculture

95,00 95,00

Preparation of a new batch of samples for long-term storage








Creation of clonal microalgae strain starting from one single cell

129,00 199,00



Identification of live (non-axenic) monoclonal algae cultures based on morphology and molecular sequences (includes: LSU, ITS, RBCL, SSU)

251,00 321,00

Scanning electron Microscopy (price per hour)

102,00 126,00

Specialized imaging equipment


Imaging Flow Cytometer ImageStream®X Mark II. Key features: 12 images per cell; throughput of c. 2000 cells/sec; magnification: 20x, 40x, 60x; and lasers: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 642nm, 785nm (price per hour)

126,00 173,00

BioTek™ Cytation™ 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader. Key features: automated digital (inverted fluorescence and brightfield) microscopy (10x, 40x) and multi-mode microplate detection (price per hour)

102,00 149,00

Analysis of micralgal pigments


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis for pigments (e.g., fucoxanthin, astaxanthin)

On request On request

Photobioreactor trials


Labfors photobioreactor with software to control and log a various range of abiotic parameters: pH, CO2, O2, light (color, duration and intensity), mixing (speed of stirrer and volume of compressed air), temperature, feed, etc.

On request On request



WC medium: 7 * 50 mL filter sterilized stock solutions at 1000x concentration (also available in larger volumes at reduced prices)





Teaching set 'Start to grow' (incl. 2 strains, 1L medium and plasticware to start) - for schools and universities in Belgium only

39,00 NA

Teaching set 'Morphology' (incl. 8 strains and 1L medium) - for schools and universities in Belgium only

142,00 NA

Training, lectures, consultancy

On request

On request


Handling fee and banking charges

Per invoice

Packaging and shipping fee

Depending on destination and weight


(1) Given are the safe depot prices following the standard procedures (cryopreservation, 9 cryovials, yearly viability check and subculture sending, no morphological or molecular characterization), please note that modifications of the procedure are available on request.



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