BCCM/LMG Bacteria Collection price list

How to order from BCCM/LMG Prices (EUR) excl. VAT
Non-Profit Profit

Supply samples from public collection

Bacterial strains (freeze dried)

85,00 119,00

Cultivation fee for actively growing bacterial cultures


If strain is not available in freeze dried form

50,00 50,00

If strain is available in freeze dried form

60,00 60,00

Selected strains for teaching purposes (in Belgium only)

40,00 119,00

Genomic DNA


gDNA (minimum 2.5 µg/tube) - 0.5 ml tube format, ready-for-distribution, see list

137,00 170,00

gDNA (minimum 2.5 µg/tube) - 1.5 ml tube format

200,00 235,00

Public deposit

Deposit of strain in the public collection

No charges No charges

Safe deposit

Viability and purity check, preservation and the first year of safe-keeping

325,00 325,00

Annual maintenance fee, incl. one yearly viability test, its report, and forwarding the subculture if requested (mailing costs not included)



Release of a sample

65,00 65,00

Preparation of a new batch of samples for long-term storage

246,00 246,00

Patent deposit (Budapest Treaty)


665,00 665,00

Viability statement with test performed

60,00 60,00

Viability statement based on most recent test performed

25,00 25,00

Supply of a sample

90,00 90,00

Communication of information on the most recent scientific description

25,00 25,00

Delivery of attestation on later indication or amendment of the scientific description

25,00 25,00

Preparation of a batch of freeze-dried samples for long term storage

300,00 300,00

Storage third party’s biological material


Major reductions for large numbers of vials

Storage over liquid nitrogen of third party’s vials containing frozen biological material; per vial per year

12,00 12,00

Administrative fee (per invoice)





Freeze drying third party’s culture


10 ampoules

243,00 243,00

20 ampoules

359,00 359,00

Larger quantities and other forms

On request

On request




105,00 105,00

Partial 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis

182,00 182,00

Nearly complete 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis

210,00 210,00

Phylogenetic study based on nearly complete 16S rRNA gene sequence

650,00 650,00

Sequence analysis of housekeeping genes

555,00 555,00

Based upon assembled WGS data through calculation of overall genome related index values (ANI, dDDH, …)

On request On request

Customized microbial diversity studies


Cultivation-dependent using MALDI-TOF-MS

On request On request

Next generation sequencing (NGS) related services


Genome sequencing of a pure culture, incl. small scale DNA extraction and delivery of raw reads

415,00 415,00

Genome sequence assembly and delivery of the assembled genome sequence (WGS)

160,00 160,00

Phenotypic characterization


Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST), in case of minimum 4 cultures, including reference(s)



Metabolic tests (e.g. API®, BIOLOG), only in combination with genome sequencing and/or AST



           Complementary services


                      Bacterial counting analysis 

On request

On request

                      DNA extraction third party's culture for delivery 




On request On request


On request On request

Handling, packaging, shipping and bank fee


Biohazard Group 1 strains shipped within Europe: courier EMS



15,00 15,00

The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany

40,00 40,00

Other European countries

50,00 50,00

All other shipments (Biohazard Group 1 strains outside Europe, all Biohazard Group 2 strains): courier DHL


Belgium and The Netherlands

45,00 45,00

Other European countries

80,00 80,00

USA and Canada

90,00 90,00


100,00 100,00

Japan, Australia and New Zealand

120,00 120,00


On request On request

Supplementary costs for shipment on dry ice

On request On request


(1 Service reports are included in the price.