TRUST - TRansparent User-friendly System of Transfer, implementing the Nagoya Protocol in microbiology

TRUST aims at managing the incidence of the CBD and Nagoya Protocol on the scientific, technical and administrative activities of culture collections and, more generally, incorporating the Nagoya Protocol into the daily life of microbiologists.

The TRUST system comprises 4 elements:

  1. Updated MOSAICC features with administrative workflows adapted to the structure of the Nagoya Protocol.
  2. Refined Material Accession Agreement (MAA) and Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) models with standardized definitions.
  3. An automated powerful integrated data management and processing system able to provide for any information related to microbial material: the ground breaking Global Catalogue of Microorganisms (GCM).
  4. Cooperative structures within the WFCC where culture collections
    1. make use of the latest ICT technology.
    2. conduct and facilitate research in genomics and functional genomics, thus develop capacities of storage and processing of genomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic information.
    3. conduct their efforts in networks, in conformity with NP provisions on Technology Transfer, collaboration and cooperation.


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