General information on biological material distributed by BCCM

Distribution of biological material from the public, safe deposit or patent deposit collection

The well-documented and authenticated strains of bacteria, filamentous and yeasts fungi (including the most important test and control strains), diatoms, plasmids and DNA libraries are publicly available and readily deliverable by BCCM on a world-wide basis.

Biological material of the public collection is accessible to the scientific community under the conditions of the BCCM Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), if necessary amended with additional conditions possibly already attached to the biological material.
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Consult the BCCM catalogues to search the biological material you require. Do not hesitate to contact a collection to obtain assistance for the choice of strains that best fit with the purpose of your projects. All information provided by the clients will be treated strictly confidential.

Biological material of the safe deposit collection is not catalogued and is only available to the depositor or to third parties with the written authorization of the depositor. For related costs see the price lists.

Biological material deposited under the Budapest Treaty for patent purposes is not catalogued and only available to the depositor or to third parties with the writtent authorisation of the depositor or an entitled Industrial Property Office.

For related costs see the price lists.
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Quality management

Accession, control, preservation, storage and supply of biological material and related information in the frame of public deposits are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

For mycobacteria at BCCM/ITM, the control of viability, identity and mycobacterial purity on the batches for release, are performed according to the ISO 15189 standard (BELAC 147MED).

For fungi of medical importance at BCCM/IHEM, the Scientific Institute of Public Health has the competence to perform tests according to the NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard (BELAC 081-TEST/081-INSP).