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Plasmid-related service analyses


Before sending material, it is advisable to contact BCCM/GeneCorner to make sure that the material to be analysed is within its scope and technical capabilities, to discuss extra requirements (e.g. low copy plasmid profile, large plasmids profile, …) and to be informed of the price offer.

Service reports are included in the price.

To order an analysis, contact us and send your samples or isolates with an official (purchase) order form from your company, specifying:

  • your contact details (company name, postal address/invoice address, phone number, email address and VAT number if existing)
  • the requested analysis
  • cultivation details (if applicable).
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Plasmid profile analysis

Contract services

Plasmid DNA extraction (small and large scale)
  "On demand" services



Contractual research projects are conducted in strict confidentiality and are offered on a long or short term basis. Our specific research interests include, but are not limited to:

  • preservation methods for plasmid DNA and plasmid-carrying bacterial cultures
  • empty cloning plasmids useful for recombinant (over)expression of proteins of interest in bacteria, yeast, fungi, insect cells, plant and animal cells
  • (expression) plasmids carrying specific protein-coding genes and derivatives from a wide range of organisms (human, mouse, various bacterial species, ...)
  • expression plasmids with specific non-coding sequences such as shRNA and miRNA
  • plasmids for mouse genetic engineering, allowing the generation of transgenic mice

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Our team of experts is always available for a broad range of professional consultancy and specialist services. Covered topics include, but are not limited to

  • preservation of plasmid DNA and plasmid-carrying bacterial cultures
  • microbial biosafety and biosecurity
  • management and quality assurance of microbial resources
  • literature studies
  • advisory support in scientific dossiers

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