Services at the BCCM/IHEM Fungi Collection: Human and Animal Health

Mycological service analyses


BCCM/IHEM provides mycological service for fungi related to human and animal health.

Samples of agro-food or environmental origin cannot be accepted at BCCM/IHEM. Analyses on such samples are performed by the BCCM/MUCL collection.

To order an analysis, send your samples or isolates with an official order form from your company, specifying:

  • your contact details (company name, postal address, phone number, email)
  • the requested analyses
  • the price
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List of service analyses


DNA sequencing



Mycological typing and assays

RAPD strain typing
  Antifungal susceptibility testing


Physiological profiling of yeasts

Microbial counting




Fungal strain isolation

Strain isolation from mixed cultures
  Strain isolation from samples


Freeze drying


Genomic DNA extraction

  Genomic analyses of fungi

“On demand” custom services




We are strongly interested in research collaborations in the following fields:

  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of medically relevant fungi
  • Diagnosis, surveillance and prevention of mycoses
  • Dermatophytes
  • Development of new diagnostic or identification methods
  • Antifungal resistance
  • Allergenic species

Partnerships with industry or academics are envisaged and research can be conducted on a contractual basis or in partnership in publicly funded scientific projects.

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Our team of PhD level experts is always available for a broad range of professional consultancy and specialist services. Covered topics include, but are not limited to

  • fungal taxonomy and characterization
  • preservation of fungal cultures and DNA
  • microbial biosafety and biosecurity
  • management and quality assurance of microbial resources
  • literature studies, e.g. industrial application and safety of specific organisms
  • advisory support in scientific dossiers
  • examination of fungal contamination in various various environments

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Legal disclaimer

All services are provided exclusively on the basis of the terms and conditions below, regardless of any contradictory conditions stated on the client’s documents.
By having placed an order, the client automatically agreed to these terms and conditions of BCCM/IHEM.
BCCM/IHEM makes no representation nor warranty, express or implied, to the client with respect to the suitability or fitness of the results for any specific purpose.
In no event shall BCCM/IHEM or its staff be liable to the client for any damages or losses.
Under no circumstances shall BCCM/IHEM's total liability exceed the total contract value.
These limitations of liability shall not apply in case of willful misconduct or fraud.
The client undertakes to indemnify and hold BCCM/IHEM harmless from and against third party claims based on the client’s use or exploitation of the results.