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Mycobacterial service analyses


Mycobacterial cultures can be identified by a polyphasic approach (morphological analysis by microscopy and/or molecular characterization by Sanger sequencing of rrs and/or the rpoB genes or whole genome sequencing) including phylogenetic analysis.

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List of service analyses

Genotypic identification

Sanger sequencing: 16S rRNA and/or rpoB gene sequencing



Whole genome sequencing

gDNA extraction
  WGS sequencing
  WGS analysis



Phenotypic identification

Morphology, pigmentation, enzymatic activity,...



Mycobacterial assays

MIC determination
  Drug susceptibility testing


Consultancy and collaboration

Our team of PhD level experts is always available for a broad range of professional consultancy and specialist services. Covered topics include, but are not limited to

  • mycobacterial identification and characterization
  • preservation of mycobacterial cultures and DNA
  • microbial biosafety and biosecurity
  • management and quality assurance of microbial resources
  • literature studies
  • advisory support in scientific dossiers
  • examination of mycobacterial contamination in various various environments

BCCM/ITM is also open to collaboration with both industrial and academic partners.

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