BCCM training on preservation of micro-organisms: a practical approach

The BCCM training 2020 on preservation is cancelled!

General program for the 2021 edition:

  • Day 1: (optional)

A full day seminar on management of culture collections.


  • Day 2-4: 3-day training on the handling and preservation

A 3-day training is offered to teach the participants the different isolation, cultivation and preservation techniques, to practice these techniques  and  to discuss preservation aspects on particular organisms of interest with the lecturers and other participants.

Possible choices : fungi, bacteria, cyanobacteria, diatoms or other microalgae

The number of participants is limited depending of the selected type of micro-organism to maximise hands-on time for the participants.


  • Day 5: (optional) 

By organising 3 optional sessions, we would like to give you the opportunity to get first insights during:

A full day initiation on the cultivation and preservation of a micro-organism type different from the one selected for your 3-day practical training (DEMO's).


Please note that the participation in one of the main 3-day courses is not mandatory to participate in one of the optional sessions.


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