Bioinformatics training

Training in Basic Bioinformatics, Nextflow, Apptainer (Singularity), and GEN-ERA Workflow for Microbial Genomics

This course teaches the basics of the Linux command line and HPC cluster utilization. The usage of the Apptainer container and Nextflow workflow will be taught. The BCCM bioinformatic toolbox for microbial genomics (GEN-ERA) will be covered through theoretical and practical exercises. The course covers genome assembly (short and long reads), metabolic modeling, phylogenomics, and the generation of ANI matrices. A focus will be placed on cyanobacterial genomics.

  • Level: beginners
  • Materials: A Unix or Windows laptop (sessions on the HPC cluster will be provided)
  • Outcomes: Participants will acquire the ability to utilize public Nextflow workflows and Apptainer containers, enabling them to conduct genomic analyses on bacterial genomes.

The training takes place at ULiege (Campus Sart Tilman, Liège, BE) and is offered in English or French, depending on the participants.

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  Duration: 5 days
Next sessions: on request
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