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Speciesname: Burkholderia vietnamiensis Gillis, Tran Van, Bardin, Goor, Hebbar, Willems, Segers, Kersters, Heulin and Fernandez 1995 VP
Other collections' numbers: TVV 116
Restrictions: Opportunistic pathogen
Biological origin: (Oryza sativa) rhizosphere soil
Geographic origin: Binh Thanh Viet Nam
Isolated by: Tran Van V.
Depositor: Heulin T., CEA - Centre de Cadarache, DEVM/LEMIR
History: <- 1990, Heulin T., CEA - Centre de Cadarache, DEVM/LEMIR (Unidentified) <- Tran Van V.
Conditions for growth: Medium 185, Medium 14, 28°C