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Speciesname: Robbsia andropogonis (Smith 1911) Lopes-Santos, Castro, Ferreira-Tonin, Corrêa, Weir, Park, Ottoboni, Neto and Destéfano 2017 VL
Objective synonyms: Burkholderia andropogonis (Smith 1911) Gillis, Tran Van, Bardin, Goor, Hebbar, Willems, Segers, Kersters, Heulin and Fernandez 1995 VP
Paraburkholderia andropogonis (Smith 1911) Sawana, Adeolu and Gupta 2015 VL
Pseudomonas andropogonis (Smith 1911) Stapp 1928 AL
Subjective synonyms: Pseudomonas woodsii (Smith 1911) Stevens 1925 AL
Other collections' numbers: Hayward 0364A
Restrictions: Biohazard group 1
Biological origin: Trifolium repens
Geographic origin: Australia
Isolated by: Hayward A.
Depositor: Hayward A.
History: <- Hayward A. (Pseudomonas stizolobii) (1969)
Conditions for growth: Medium 2, 28°C
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